Why does everything seemed to be filmed in Vancouver?

Vancouver Landscape

Why does everything seemed to be filmed in Vancouver?


Vancouver, better known as Hollywood North, seems as if everything gets filmed here. A good portion of TV shows are filmed here, and in the past 5 years we have seen a major increase in blockbuster movies being filmed here. It’s at the point know where Vancouverites will get excited if they don’t recognize where a scene is taken place. In 2017, the film industry in BC made a record breaking whopping $2.6 billion. So what is that attracts so many filmmakers to Vancouver?


There are several reasons, however the major reason being taxes. Compared to America, Canada is significantly cheaper to film because of the crazy tax breaks. Companies can receive 28% of their labour expenditures in BC and there are also many tax bonuses available.


Following the tax, the Canadian Dollar so weak it is a huge bonus to companies from outside Canada with a stronger currancy. The combo of tax benefits and a faint dollar makes it a steal to film here.


Another key motive would be Vancouver’s proximity to LA. LA is the film capital of the world, and most production companies come from LA. Both LA and Vancouver are in the same time zone and are just quick plane right away. With multiple daily flights from YVR to LAX and vice versa, it makes it easy to film there.


Other than BC place,  Vancouver really does look like any average city.  With no major defining features, this makes it easy for film crews to fake that they’re in another major city. The lower mainland also has many small towns nearby at their disposal, really making Vancouver as a location a one shop stop.


Vancouver’s film industry has boomed in the past few years.  With all that Hollywood North can offer to film production companies, we are sure to see more TV shows and blockbuster movies being filmed in Vancouver.


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