Top 5 Most Remarkable Film Title Sequences

How important are first impressions? In the entertainment industry, a good first impression can mean everything. A film’s title sequence is its first impression and contrary to the common saying ‘not to judge a book by its cover’, be sure that there will be judgment. Let your cover and title sequence be all that it can be. Take inspiration from our list of top 5 awesome title sequences in Cinema and TV to help you make a great first impression.

Let the countdown begin

5 – Star Wars

Created by Dan Perri in 1976, this title sequence is possibly one of the most famous in movie history. Director George Lucas asked Perri to take inspiration from old 1930s cinema serials such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers to create the Star Wars title sequence. After some attempts, Perri developed a concept for presenting a textual introduction based on the opening credits of the 1939 Cecil B. DeMille film ‘Union Pacific’, in which the credits are shown distorted by a sharp perspective towards a distant vanishing point. This gave birth to the now-familiar opening crawl sequence that appears in the Star Wars films.

4 – Vertigo

Vertigo’s 1958 title sequence is one of Saul Bass’s best known projects. Bass, a talented graphic designer and filmmaker is famous for his iconic logos and title sequences. For Vertigo, which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, he invented a new type of kinetic typography and dynamic layout. Before Saul Bass, movie intros were uncommon and trivial. He showed filmmakers how to use intro titles to hook audiences right at the beginning, which is why he is now revered as the father of the title sequences.

3 – Snatch

Created by Stuart Hilton and Ian Cross in 2000, this intro defined a milestone of title sequences. It presents the cast with an engaging narrative and posterized static frames using retro typography, colors and texture. This creative style suited the message of the director, Guy Ritchie and influenced many other action movies since.

2 – Stranger Things

Created by the Imaginary Forces studio in 2016, the Stranger Things title sequence is a viral masterpiece of motion design. As you watch this, it feels like you are traveling in time to the 80’s. Strong retro serif typography, neon light effects, smooth animations, and captivating music scores composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein make this one perfect title sequence.

1 – James Bond 007

Created by Maurice Binder in 1962, the signature gun barrel sequence for the opening title of the first Bond film is another memorable intro. Intriguing animations and bold, high-contrast designs are some of the essential elements of the composition. Binder described his visual concept in the last interview he recorded before his death in 1991:
“That was something I did in a hurry because I had to get to a meeting with the producers in twenty minutes. I just happened to have little white, price tag stickers and I thought I’d use them as gunshots across the screen. We’d have James Bond walk through and fire, at which point blood comes down onscreen. That was about a twenty-minute storyboard I did, and they said, ‘This looks great!'”

Which title sequences would you add to our list? Let us know what you think. Share on comments! See you on the next post.


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